Sunday, January 11, 2015

Germans: We Are Charlie - No To racism: A message To Tourists, Residents And Foreigners

Germans: We are Charlie - No to racism: A message to tourists, residents and foreigners

Tourists visiting Germany should know that everyone is settling down in Germany and all are welcome, no matter from where they visit or immigrate from. This message at a mass rally in the East German town of Dresden was enforced by a 10-meter structure, called "Wall of Friendship without Borders."
"For Dresden, for Saxony - living together in the sense of a global awareness, humanity and dialogue" this was the message 35,000 Dresden citizens shouted in front of the famous Frauenkirche.
The project urged people to take a photo with a friend from another country or religion and post it on the wall or online.
The rally against racism and xenophobia in the German city of Dresden, joining hundreds of thousands, who took to the street in France in response to this week’s Charlie Hebdo attack and hostage crises caused by Islamic radicals.
"We won't permit hate to divide us," Helma Orosz, Dresden's mayor, told the crowd as cited by Reuters.
"We are Charlie,” “No to racism,” “We all laugh in the same language” and "Germany is for all - banners showed.
The gathering, jointly organized by the Dresden administration and the government of Saxony, was also a response to a series of anti-immigrant rallies, which recently took place in the city.
A social media campaign launched under the #lovestorm hashtag multiplied this message.

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