Friday, January 16, 2015

Terror Fear Causing Ongoing Developments In Belgium And Germany

Terror fear causing ongoing developments in Belgium and Germany

In Berlin, Germany, police on Friday morning raided 11 apartments. 250 police officers participated in the search.
Two Islam radicals were arrested. They were accused to have planned a terror attack when they received training in Syria recently. An additional three men are wanted, and police are on a manhunt in Germany's capital.
The two arrested were Turkish citizens, 41 and 43 years old. There is no direct confirmation those arrested were planning criminal acts in Germany. Berlin police and prosecutors had investigated the men for some time. They were accused of money laundering.
In another development, Jewish schools in Antwerp, Belgium, remain closed on Friday as precaution following raids in Belgium.
Le Figaro reports that several French news websites are inaccessible; their hosting service says this is due to an 'incident' but does not specify if it's a cyberattack or a technical problem.

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