Monday, August 1, 2016

Germany Gains 41st UNESCO World Heritage Site

UNESCO title for Le Corbusier houses in Stuttgart
On July 17, 2016, the two Le Corbusier houses at the Weissenhof Estate in the Southern
German city of Stuttgart were designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, making it the first
World Heritage Site for Stuttgart and the 41st for Germany. 

As part of a transnational joint application, Stuttgart and destinations in seven other countries
 applied to have 17 of Le Corbusier’s buildings listed due to the architect's outstanding contribution
 to Modernism. The two Stuttgart houses are the architect’s only buildings in Germany and
include the Weissenhof Museum, which illustrates the radical change in architecture around
 the time of the Second World War as well as Le Corbusier’s visionary thinking. 

Germany’s other 40 UNESCO World Heritage Sites include the majestic Cologne Cathedral,
 the expansive Wadden Sea habitat, Classical Weimar and Regensburg’s charming Old Town.
 They can be explored on eight different themed routes, from natural wonders to architecture
 to palaces and parks. 

For more information about Germany’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites,

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