Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Travelore Update: United Airlines, Brussels Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Air Canada and Jet Airfly Have Resumed Flights To Brussels Airport #ToBrusselsTogether

Brussels Airport has spent the last few weeks working around the clock to welcome its passengers back to the comfortable, convenient and, most importantly, safe travel hub they've come to rely on.

As tourism boards and airlines flying non-stop to Brussels, we know that it is paramount that we stand strong, determined and united after the attack of March 22. Rest assured that we will do everything in our power to once again deliver the smooth and seamless travel experience that all of our passengers deserve and expect of us.

We are proud to announce that Brussels Airport reopened on April 3rd and has been gradually adding more and more flights to its schedule. Today, more than 460 flights will take off and land at Brussels Airport, with plans underway to bring the airport back to full capacity in the coming weeks.

Some practical information for our travelers to, from and via Brussels Airport:

1.      For departing passengers, a temporary departure area has been set up with advanced security screening and check-in areas. Once past the temporary setup, passengers will return to the familiar surroundings. Within a few weeks the departure area of the airports should be open again with advanced security screening.

2.      Arriving passengers will not experience any change as they proceed through the regular baggage claim and arrival hall to meet their friends and relatives. 

3.      Passengers transferring via Brussels Airport will not notice any difference from before.
Brussels Airlines, and all North American carriers, have gradually returned to Belgium to resume their flights to Brussels, the capital of Europe.

Please connect with your preferred carriers for updated information on flights and schedules. For more detailed questions, feel free to check:

The events of March 22 were tragic and will never be forgotten. However, we will all continue to move forward and restore, rebuild and, once again, redefine the gold standard of air travel. 


To Brussels, together.

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